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nbn Lift Phones

The nbn (National Broadband Network) is updating existing telephone networks in Australia. The move away from the old copper telephone line network implies the nbn establishment will affect your structure’s crisis lift telephones, alarm boards, back to base security frameworks and landlines. The crisis phone line is crucial to your lift’s wellbeing and should work consistently, even in the event of a force disappointment which can’t be ensured without a SKYRISE remote nbn movement arrangements.

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How will the nbn affect my lift phone?

The move away from copper phone lines to the nbn network means the nbn installation will impact your building’s emergency lift phones, fire alarm panels, back to base security systems and landlines.

Equipment connected over the nbn network will not work during power failure. Building owners need to install a wireless solution prior to nbn migration.

What do I need to do to be nbn ready?
  1. Register your lift telephone with the nbn by visiting nbn Co Fire and Lift Register

  2. Check the arranged establishment time span with the nbn.

  3. Request a remote lift telephone arrangement from SKYRISE.

Do I need to change my current lift phone?

Much of the time your current hardware will stay viable. SKYRISE offers numerous answers for meet individual necessities. Make a commitment free examination to survey your current hardware.

How long until I need to update my lift phone?

By and large, separation will happen inside year and a half after the nbn carry out at your area.

Who is responsible for new equipment and service charges?

The proprietor of the lift is liable for all updates, alterations and administration accuses related of the lift, except if in any case expressed.

Where do I find a lift phone solution?

Skyrise offer agreeable and viable crisis lift telephone arrangements.

Why would I choose an SKYRISE nbn solutions?

The Skyrise solution is completely future-proof, featuring:

Fail-safe battery backup
Compatible with all wireless mobile networks in Australia
Single or dual GSM
Automatic fault notification options
Options to suit FTTP, FTTN, FTTB and VoIP gateway connections
Self testing and reporting in accordance with EN: 81-28
Compatible with emFONE and all ACMA approved telephones
Designed to operate LINE Powered Telephones
Durable, self-contained wall cabinet
Voice & SMS communication
Remote management of the system by SMS
Easy on site installation and maintenance
4 hours talk-time in the event of a power outage


Easy upgradation with SKYRISE Elevators

Latest Technology

nbn equipped with latest technology


Compatible with all type of elevators

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