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We offer a 10 stage measure starting with your solicitation for data through to giving up the finished product. We work with property designers and engineers all through Australia and give a consistent lift establishment administration from project brief to establishment and beyond. Whether you require a 100kg or 30,000kg lift, SKYRISE Elevators gathering can meet your individual brief. We have a current comprehension of the most recent advancements and cycles guaranteeing a superior quality lift establishment and decreased establishment time. All lifts are provided and introduced to current Australian Standards.

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The Silens-Pro reach is furnished with an amazing and exceptionally progressed lasting magnet gearless drive framework equipped for lifting up to 4000kg. Our engines are harmless to the ecosystem, calm, and described by their dependability, sturdiness and serious level of energy proficiency. These engines require no oil and utilize no oils.

Our lifts are incredibly hearty. The mechanical parts are delivered in exceptional high strength steel, making them both light and hard-wearing simultaneously. This decreases the heaviness of the whole lift framework, just as fundamentally expanding its helpful life.

Our lift vehicles arrive in a wide scope of hardwearing and durable materials, remembering plastic covers and hardened steel for an assortment of completions. The durability of our vehicles can be additionally supported by the establishment of aluminum flooring, cradle rails, and kick plates, as indicated by your prerequisites.

The Silens-Pro Vanguard® has a 2:1 roping proportion and a Center or a backpack vehicle outline. Its Center suspension, joined with the Direct Approach System, conveys an especially agreeable ride and ideal traveler travel effectiveness.

Structures in the business area are noted for their high working expenses and costly energy bills. Our lifts convey significant reserve funds in a structure's energy utilization and monetary expenses. Places of business, retail plazas, medical clinics, and lodging are altogether structures with undeniable degrees of traffic which require profoundly productive vertical vehicle arrangements. The Silens-Pro completes a large number of outings consistently, moving travelers with demonstrated effectiveness, accuracy, security and unwavering quality. An elite lift extraordinarily intended for a requesting market area.

The Direct Approach System – interestingly included as standard across the entire Silens-Pro reach – permits the control unit to compute the ideal elevator travel speed bend as per the distance staying to the chose objective. This wipes out the postpones ordinary of past frameworks as the elevator car approaches arrivals, and addresses a significant advance forward in traveler solace and innovative greatness.